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Kristin Reece is an intuitive guide and coach in the truest sense of the words.  Her extraordinary passion for life combined with a mindful approach towards others’ growth creates a safe and solid platform for personal discovery and clarity.  A native of Arizona, this professional and avid outdoors-woman focuses on the entire being; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

With more than a decade of personal and professional coaching under her belt, she is also a certified Life Coach. Using nature and its limitless tools, Kristin has worked with a broad spectrum of clientele including National Geographic Adventures and Fortune 500 clients as an independent consultant.  

Volunteering her personal leadership development and coaching in the community, Kristin’s compassion and kindness are vital to helping individuals and families throughout the country Her collaboration with educators in Tucson and surrounding areas from grammar school through collegiate level, concentrates on building and growing the youth of today into confident leaders of tomorrow.

Kristin attained her business degree while balancing the time rigors of a collegiate athletic and academic scholarship. Upon entering the professional world she leveraged her skills into the highly competitive field of high-end resort management. Her growth has taken her along a broad spectrum of achievements such as helping lay the foundations for a multi-million dollar construction start-up to becoming the COO of a large, social services corporation. 

True to her nature as a seasoned adventurer, Kristin found her life’s vocation was to enrich the lives of others. Individuals and groups of all ages, from students and athletes, to top tier executives and focus groups from around the globe have benefited from her remarkable authenticity and dedication.

An incandescent spirit and gifted teacher, Kristin helps others with compassionate understanding by genuinely listening and providing a safe platform. Her intuitive and spiritual abilities allow her to guide others in an empowering way. The result is each person learning, fine-tuning and developing their own distinctive tools, to ultimately live a successful life in balance.

To flourish in the brilliant journey of life, remember – ‘The power of progress is YOU’.

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